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Are there referee's for your Junior Divisional, Senior Men's or Senior Women's Game?

Referees are initially appointed by Football Brisbane.  If FB cannot provide all 3 required refs for a game then Taringa is grateful to be assisted by a volunteer who endeavours to arrange Club Referees for the game.  

You can check to see if Football Brisbane Referees have been appointed for you game by checking here:

Please see the spreadsheet at this link which shows if club referees have then been appointed where FB refs have not.  It is to be used to check if a full complement of referees is appointed to your Junior Divisional, Senior Men's or Senior Women's game.  If not, it will be necessary to find a volunteer to fill the spot.
This list is not a full listing of games but only a listing of games for which FB did not appoint 3 Referees - so if your game does not appear, you will already have 3 Referees appointed.

The spreadsheet works as follows:

Data on this link gets updated as follows:

1. Each Monday arvo, or whenever the latest game and referee data can be accessed;

2. Each Wed evening when the Draft Club Referee appointments are published;

3. Each Thurs evening when the Firm Appointments (which is what this link shows today) are published.

As each Referee updates their status (from "?" to either "A" - Available, or "Y" Confirmed) that status is also displayed on your Club Listing.  If a Club Referee should decline an appointment, the organizer tries hard to find a replacement.

Payment Procedures - NEW for 2017

There are 2 external sources of referees for Taringa:  

Football Brisbane & 

Club Referees (where no Football Brisbane are appointed we are fortunate to have a volunteer (external to the club) that arranges club referees for a number of the local clubs)

For the 2017 Season Football Brisbane is paying Football Brisbane 

Club Referees still require cash payment on the day.

The home team is responsible for payment of the referees fees.   Therefore as a manager for home games you need to:

1. Ascertain if you have a full complement (1 x ref & 2 x linesmen) of referees appointed by Football Brisbane.  To do so check HERE. If yes, then no further action is needed (other than leave your match sheet in Rob's office - see below)

2. If no, then check HERE to check if club referees have been appointed & then follow the process below.

3. If no referees have been appointed then be prepared to grab parents or any other volunteers to referee &/or run the lines.

Regardless of who has referee'd the game, it is essential that after taking a photo of the match sheet to submit, the hard copy of the sheet is left in Rob's room (last door on the left at the back of the dressing shed) - this is so that Rob can ensure that the club is invoiced correctly by Football Brisbane for the ref's they provide.

Process for payment of Club Referees

There will be a tracker sheet left in the canteen which must be completed when cash is paid to club referees - money will only be given out by the canteen to referees.

1.  It is the manager's responsibility to get the appropriate signatures and ensure money is available to pay the club officials on the day.  The list of fees payable is HERE.  No referees will be paid directly by the canteen.

2: Using cash from the canteen is an option to pay, however it will be at the discretion of the canteen staff i.e. if there is not enough cash to pay the officials then the manager has to source the money from else where. Same applies when the canteen is not open.

3: Using money from the licensed club (bar) is not allowed


1: Every Monday Rob will check the tracker against the match sheets to make sure all club referees have been paid and tracked and that no other official has been incorrectly paid.  The tracker with any comments to be passed to me on Monday following the week end. (I can pick up when I come to training).

2: Where the manager has paid, a reimbursement will be made to the relevant bank account. Where the Canteen has paid, a manual journal entry will be raised to credit income to the canteen and debit Referee expenses in the chart of accounts.

2017 Match Fees

Click HERE for 2017 Match Fees

Club Referees

Taringa Rovers SFC are always looking for Club Referees. Can you help? We will give you all the help and support you may need. 

A great opportunity to get outdoors, watch some football and make new friends. Taringa Rovers look for 2 types of Club Referees:

  •          Club Assistant Referees run “lines” on all U12 and older games (you must be 13+; all ages welcome)
  •          Club Centre Referees are “in the middle with a whistle” (all ages welcome).

We also need experience: so players please join us.   (And think of the abuse you could get !)

Referee coaching is normally held in January each year.

If you have any queries or would like to register for our great program, pls email Chris at

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