Junior Age Group Info

What age group is my player?

A player's age-group is the age they turn at the birthday in the calendar year of the football season.

For example, any player turning 11 between 1 January & 31 December will play in Under 11 (U11) for the season that year.


Miniroos - Kick-Off (3 - 5 years)

The Kick Off Program (formerly known as the Squirts Programme) is for children aged from 3 to 5 years.  It is aimed at establishing a base level of both football and athletic ability through a weekly, enjoyable, entry-level circuit program. Children are able to develop their fundamental football skills, co-ordination and gross motor skills required to participate in small-sided football games in a safe, fun and non-competitive environment.

The original Squirts program was developed due to Taringa Rovers SFC junior coaches noticing a significantly higher footballing ability in young children that had been exposed to the game from an earlier age, and was developed by former Taringa Rovers SFC Head Coach Joe Fenech.  In 2017 the club will offer the national Miniroos Kick-off program which will be administered and developed further through our Junior Technical Director - Kelvin Wheeler who holds an AFC 'B' licence. 

Registrations will be on a term basis comprising 8 sessions of 1 hour duration held on Saturday mornings each of terms 2 & 3. 

The club is seeking expressions of interest for any families who would be interested in a "Girls Only" Kick-Off program. Please email inhousejuniors@taringarovers.com.au if you would like to see this program offered or if you have any queries about the Kick-off program.

Miniroos - Club Football (U6 & U7)

Mini Roos are oriented to develop a consistent level of both footballing skill and athletic ability, through a weekly basic development level circuit program as well as a game-based exercise, and to provide future players with fundamental skills and co-ordination required to participate in small sided football.

Young players are able to begin being introduced to playing football in a team environment at a familiar location amongst the safety of friends and family. 

To ensure children are able to achieve the best progression, the program has been developed to:

  1. Continue to increase exposure to the game for young children; and
  2. Provide parents and future coaches with the appropriate skillset to develop young players.

Sessions are 90 mins long and are held weekly on a Saturday morning (excluding school holidays and public holidays). 

Parents will be asked to participate as Assistant Coaches where they will be instructed, supervised & mentored by a Head Coach & Club Technical Director.  The Technical Director and Head Coach decide what skills & drills are to be done each session and explain to the Assistant Coaches how each skill or drill is to be undertaken.  They also provide instruction & direction while the skill or drill is being executed.

This unique in-house U6 & U7 program was introduced at Taringa in 2012 and has been very successful in providing consistent skill development to those young players starting out at football.  It has also been successful in providing an excellent environment for any parents who may be interested in becoming a coach to learn the ropes in a supported & controlled way.    Many of the parents who started out helping their child’s team in U6 & U7 have gone on to coach their children’s teams in the older age groups & have reaped the benefit of being part of the club community & involved in their child’s football.

Please note that players may register for the Under 6 program from the age of 5.

Please email inhousejuniors@taringarovers.com.au with any queries.

Miniroos - Club Football (U8)

Small Sided Football develops children's footballing and athletic abilities via a controlled and enjoyable introduction to training and playing football in a team and game-based environment. Players are able to learn and further develop their basic football, teamwork and fair play skills in a fun and safe environment. 

Small Sided Football (SSF) programs are run to be consistent with the national SSF directives from the FFA.

Parents will be asked to volunteer as coaches & managers of U8 teams.  SSF provides progression for both players and parent-coaches (who are well equipped with the knowledge gained through the Mini-Roos program) to allow planning and conducting their own training sessions and matches.

Sessions consist of a 1 hour weekly training session and a match on Saturday morning.  Under 8 games are all played in-house against other Taringa Under 8 teams.  There is no travelling for Under 8 players.

Please email inhousejuniors@taringarovers.com.au with any queries.

Miniroos - Club Football (U9-U11)

Players at this level begin training and playing matches against other clubs from the Brisbane region, and are given opportunity for progression through more team-based and game-based scenarios.

Players are generally graded into one of three divisions based on their individual abilities. Players are encouraged to play within their graded teams for their own personal development, however, no player is forced to play at a particular grade at the expense of their enjoyment of playing with friends.

Additional training and development through the Academy and Development Program may be offered to players subject to available spots and additional fees.

The divisions for grading at this level are:

  • Komodo Dragons
  • Goannas 
  • Geckos 

Coaches are drawn from suitably qualified parent-coaches and current senior players. All coaches are provided with assistance and the opportunity to obtain an appropriate coaching license.

Please email U9toU11juniors@taringarovers.com.au with any queries.

Divisional Teams (U12 - U16)

Players at these age groups continue playing in inter-club competitions and move onto full-sized games.

Trials and grading for these teams occur in order to ensure players and teams are appropriately allocated to a division that is in line with their abilities ie. Division 1 - 6.

Teams in this age group can be mixed gender, or gender specific (i.e. all girls teams playing in an all girls competition). Taringa Rovers has previously fielded numerous all girls teams as well as mixed gender teams to cater for as many players as possible.

TRSFC are looking for players across all junior age groups and new players and parents are encouraged to get involved at every age group and level.

Please email juniors@taringarovers.com.au with any queries.

All Girl Teams

All Girl teams play in Girl Only competitions from U9 to U16, Girls are also able to play in mixed teams in the boys competition.

Taringa presently has 'Girl Only' teams in U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15 & U16 age groups. 

Taringa Rovers has previously fielded numerous all girls teams as well as mixed gender teams to cater for as many female players as possible.

TRSFC are always looking for female players across all junior age groups and new players and parents are encouraged to get involved at every age group and level.


Taringa Rovers have introduced a grading system for players for the U9 to U16 age groups. For those players that want to play in the highest level team in their age group they will need to attend trials to assess their playing level. 

Miniroo Competitions are divided into three playing levels - Komodo Dragons, Goannas & Geckos, with Komodo Dragons (KD) being the highest level in each of the U9, U10 & U11 age groups. 

Trials for the following KD teams will be held in October/November for next years teams -  U9, U10 & U11

At U9 two KD teams of equal ability will be selected,  U10 & U11 KD teams will be selected on a first KD and second KD team.

From U12, Divisional teams will be graded within their own age group, ie with enough players for three teams players will be graded into a first, second and third team within their age group.

Trials for all Divisional teams be held in October/November for next years teams.

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