Fee Info

The total registration fee for you or your family is calculated as follows:

Total fee  = [Age Group fee + Enrolment fee (if applicable - see notes) + Building Levy per player] - Sibling discount

This will be calculated for you, however further information is given in the Fee Components section below.

Fee Components

The fees for 2017 comprise of the following components:

1: Age Group fee 

2: Enrolment Fee - this fee is an additional charge of $100 per player for players in the Komodo Dragon teams and top divisional teams.   This fee will not be included on your invoice as players offered positions in these teams would have already paid the additional $100 as confirmation of their position. This fee will be to put towards coaches for these teams.

3: Building Levy - the committee have included a $75 per player Building Levy. This money will be used to implement significant ground and club house improvements for 2017.  See below for how the building levy was spent in 2016.

4: Sibling Discount - Taringa Rovers are committed to making football affordable for families. If you have more than one junior player registered (U6 through to U16) in your family you are eligible for a $80 per sibling discount (after the first child). So if you have 3 juniors playing football at Taringa you will get a $80 x 2 discount on your fees.  The Kick-off program is not included in the Sibling Discount scheme.

5: Volunteer Discount - we rely on volunteers to support the administration of the club, perform team management or coaching activities, or cover match day roles. We recognise volunteers through discounts to player fees. These discounts vary based on role so if you consider your contribution entitles you to a discount, tick the volunteer discount box.  A refund will be issued once eligibility has been confirmed.  If you wish to have the discount applied prior to making payment, please email your request to the Club Secretary detailing your volunteer role (the role must be a confirmed role eg continuing coach or manager).

Note that the registration fee is a full up-front payment, with nothing more to pay during the regular footballing season (some clubs do not include the bank/visa payment costs and referee fees in their quoted club fee).

Your fees help the club pay for the fields, club house, maintenance, equipment and other necessary footballing resources, as well as compulsory association fees, insurance, and referee's fees.

2017 Fee Component Details

1. Age Group Fees


Building Levy

Enrolment Fee (for Komodo Dragons/top divisional players. See point 2 above)


Sibling Discount (see point 4 above for details)

Where do my fees go?

Registration fees paid by players are spent by the club on the following: 

  • Compulsory Association Fees; Miniroos Club - $61.50; Juniors - $73, Senior Women - $167.50; Senior Men - $178
  • Insurance (club and player);
  • Referee fees; 
  • Field & Facilities Maintenance;
  • Utilities;
  • Equipment;
  • Technical & Coaching direction & support
  • Everything that is required in order to ensure every player is ensured a safe, fun, functional and high quality footballing environment.

The Building Levy is isolated and used for infrastructure upgrades.  See below for details on how last year's building levy was spent.

How is the Building Levy spent?

The Building Levy is kept separate and used for major infrastructure items and upgrades.  

The Committee's focus for upgrade for 2017 will be renovation of the clubhouse.

In 2016 funds collected from the Building Levy were spent on paving the carpark and replacing one of the main field's lightpoles:

IMG 3403 ( 2)

IMG 3404


Every year we get requests to refund registrations for a variety of reasons. In these situations, and at the club's discretion, we may charge a $20 per player administration fee. This is to cover the direct transaction costs associated with the registration.  Whether or not a refund is given and the amount of the refund are entirely at the club's discretion. Whether or not any games have been played will impact the amount of any refund.

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